Creating vibes one candle at a time.

Hi! Welcome to my shop! :) My name is Natasha and I'm from sunny San Diego. I started candle making as a hobby and to make some great gifts. But it became so much more, very quickly!

I realized candle making is a lot like cooking. I loved the freedom of creating something that can be enjoyed by all.

Creating fragrances that create an ambiance within your space and also have an effect on your mood your overall vibe. I began to deep dive the art and history of fragrance from the spice trade to the Aztecs in Mexico and really started to learn the uses and effects of various herbs, spices, and other botanicals from good ol' Mother Earth and started creating.

I became an official business 1 year after making my first candle with the encouragement of friends and family. RawLuxe Candle Co. was created as a one stop shop for candles created with intention, with scents you've never experienced. As a small-batch company I'm able to create scents often but also be fully present in the process of making my product.

I'm so excited to share my handmade creations with you!

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